[Distinguish the authenticity of salmon]_Features_Features

[Distinguish the authenticity of salmon]_Features_Features

The taste of the salmon is particularly good, and the meat is very smooth and tender. However, we also find that the salmon on the market has high prices and low prices. The knowledge of natural salmon is not so good. In fact, salmon is also distinguished from true and false.Salmon is particularly bad when eaten raw, and it will cause some harm to the human body, so when buying salmon, you must choose a distance.

“Salmon” is not a strictly biological or academic name. Some people even think that it is a common name for Atlantic fish such as sashimi.

Therefore, the reason for some businesses is that the iris is also a salmon, so it must be said that it is also “salmon”, which seems to be nothing wrong with the law.

But Honghong’s freshwater fish, while Atlantic salmon is marine salmon, which is different.

Because of the salinity of the sea, the osmotic pressure of the cells is different, so the unpolluted Atlantic salmon is safer than the freshwater fish. At least the parasites of the marine fish can only infect humans if they use fish as the intermediate host.It is true that some people can infect parasites that are more adaptable to freshwater survival.

Even the infamous anisakis in marine fish parasites can only survive as human larvae for several weeks in the human body and die before developing into adults, so the harm is relatively not too serious.

Therefore, under the same sanitary conditions, raw freshwater fish is more dangerous than marine fish.

Salmonidae, Tanzania are two of the most common: Pacific salmon and Atlantic salmon.

Pacific salmon Pacific salmon is mostly processed into fish fillets and exported to foreign countries. The domestic consumer market is very small.

Atlantic salmon is the main species consumed in China.

Chile and Norway are two major sources of imports.

Salmon atlantic salmon, rainbow trout is a freshwater fish that is completely freshwater cultured.

Salmonidae warts.

Rainbow trout raibow trout, Atlantic salmon farming is a marine fish in the sea.


The difference between the two is still big: the most prominent feature of the rainbow spotted fish is the rainbow stripes on the body side.

In terms of meat quality, the auspicious line of Atlantic salmon is more obvious, the texture is clear, and the meat is tight.

A belly of Atlantic salmon is filled with fish fat and has an endless aftertaste.

At present, Shandong has initially built a marine salmon breeding boat.

As the largest salmon farming base in Asia, it can produce 50,000 salmon a year.

In fact, the easiest way to distinguish between true and false is the price. The market price of iris is generally only half that of Atlantic salmon.

And if you do n’t really like it, try to avoid raw food. Salmon is a high-fat, high-protein ingredient that is too easy to be dangerous.

In fact, solving this problem is also very simple, that is, everyone consciously abolishes it, instead of using the vague name of salmon, directly call the real name of Atlantic salmon, which can be used as sashimi salmon. This can avoid some mermaid tricks.

Chilled salmon has always been the focus of publicity for salmon sashimi.

From Norway / Chile fishing, processing, fresh-keeping, air freight, customs declaration, wholesale, retail, Japanese food store, to the final food outlet, the normal time has passed at least 48 hours.

Salmon is a fish with high manure, and the reproduction rate of microorganisms during this period can be imagined.

So, frozen Atlantic salmon is.

In addition, thawing frozen salmon for chilling on the chilled market is also common.

The farmed Atlantic salmon has solved the problem of anisakis infection, but it is safer than wild Alaska salmon.

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