[Toxin from fish meal]_Energy_Nutrition value

[Toxin from fish meal]_Energy_Nutrition value

I believe that everyone should have eaten food with grain fishmeal. Its soup base is relatively sweet. The protein-based protein soup base is matched with corn flour. The cooked soup is loved by many consumers.However, the conversion of such things as grain fishmeal is relatively high, but grain is rich in a lot of dietary fiber, which helps our digestion of the stomach, so there is no need to worry about excessive accumulation and getting fat.

A bowl of grain fishmeal is about 1500 calories.

Grain fishmeal also has the following effects: anti-cancer: protein, protein, amino acids and vitamin B in legumes in grains have anti-cancer effects; and vitamin A can help cell division in the body, prevent the formation ofThe rich precipitation fibers can reduce the time that wastes stay in the interior, reduce the chance of carcinogens and inherent mucosa, and help prevent constipation and colon cancer.

So eating often can prevent tumor lesions.

Detoxification: The sedimentary fiber rich in grains and grains will not be digested during initialization. Suspended adsorption of water molecules will promote the operation of food residues or toxins to achieve detoxification effects. Vitamin E can help blood circulation and accelerate detoxification.

The elements such as magnesium and iron can also strengthen the body’s energy and accelerate the metabolism of waste in the body.

Beauty: Vitamin A supplemented in grains can keep skin and mucous membrane healthy; Vitamin E can prevent aging and dry skin; Vitamin B2 can prevent acne; and like accidental oil, volatile oil, linoleic acid, can moisturize the skinTo make smooth and detailed.

Slimming: All grains are supplemented with fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility and digestive juice secretion, which can enhance the excretion of waste in the body. And some grains contain pantothenic acid, which can release food energy, and vitamin B group may help metabolism burn, so eatWhole grains can be slimmed down.

In addition, it is also rich in phospholipids, which has a good effect on the development and activity of brain nerves. Acetylcholine can help nerve conduction and enhance memory.

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