Green home creates health for you

Green home creates health for you

Green housing is not only to highlight greening. From the perspective of planning, it is necessary to improve and improve people’s ecological environment and quality of life as the starting point and goal. In addition, the specific design focuses on the level of green layout, and the style and buildings should reflect each other.It is feasible to complement each other in all aspects of different plants, and at the same time commit to play a role in greening the other deeper layers of the community.

  “Green House” is a temporary concept of living. It not only highlights greening, but uses natural conditions and artificial means to create a comfortable and healthy living environment, while at the same time controlling the use of natural resources.To achieve a balance between natural demand and return In the lively real estate market, “green housing”, “ecological housing”, “green housing” and “sustainable housing” are actually delightful.Beating notes, bringing ordinary people to the hustle and delusion of a better life, has also become a new selling point for developers to promote projects.

The so-called green house is based on the local natural environment, using the basic principles of ecology, architecture and modern scientific means to rationally arrange and organize the relationship between residential buildings and other related factors, so that the house and the environment become an organic combination.body.

Experts believe that green houses are guided by the idea of sustainable development and aim to seek harmony between nature, architecture and people. On the basis of “people-oriented”, using natural conditions and artificial means to create a favorablePeople have a comfortable, healthy living environment, while at the same time controlling the use of natural resources to achieve a balance between natural demand and return.

  The highly harmonious green residence of human settlements and nature is not just representative greening.

From the perspective of planning, we must improve and improve people’s ecological environment and quality of life as the starting point and goal.

In addition, the specific design, pay attention to the level of green layout, style and building to reflect each other, some different plants complement each other, and at the same time committed to play a more profound role in the overall community ecology.

Green houses are more functionally oriented to the natural state of the original state, instead returning to nature and entering a primitive natural state.

  The new design proposes the concept of “stereo garden”, which releases the garden entrance from the people’s activity route above the ground, the public corridor, and the household entrance to the balcony of each household.

It enables people to be exposed to greening on every key temporary day, so that the green environment is no longer just a green space, but a continuous system.

For example, in the middle of the entrance of the two households, a semi-public space is reserved as a common flower for both sides, and the birds are separated, which also contributes to the communication and communication of the neighborhood while creating a green environment.

The harmony between green houses and nature is reflected in the energy, material aspects, and also in the spiritual realm, including the integration of ecological houses and natural landscapes, and the integration of social culture.

  Pay attention to green and focus on healthy green houses, also known as healthy houses.

First of all, the house should be beneficial to people’s physical health, have sufficient sunshine to achieve sterilization, have good ventilation through high-quality fresh air, no radiation, no pollution of interior decoration materials.

In terms of mental health, the house must ensure the safety and privacy required for family life, and must meet the requirements of neighborhood communication and human-natural interaction.

In terms of the harmonious relationship between the house and nature, the house should appropriately reduce the impact on the natural environment, such as reducing emissions of harmful gases, carbon dioxide, solid waste, etc., and reducing damage to the biosphere.

In addition to a certain amount of greening, the impact of noise should not be underestimated. The house should be away from the main road of traffic; if there is noise source, there should be a good green sound insulation.

  In the case of a “healthy house”, a green house is also a house that enables the occupants to be physically, mentally and socially in good condition.

The design of the public space of the community is simply to increase the green area, but should reflect the integration effects of multiple environmental qualities such as space environment, ecological environment, cultural environment, landscape environment, social environment, entertainment environment, intelligent environment and management environment, and share space.The “kind genes”, such as the diversion of people and vehicles, increase the free activities of children and the elderly, provide barrier-free access for the disabled.

  In the true sense of green housing, it also depends on the green standardization of building decoration materials, the green standardization of furniture products, and the green standardization of construction processes.

Absolutely, complaints about indoor air pollution caused by building decoration have increased.

It causes air pollution in the living room, mainly for building decoration materials, including formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, hydrazine and other poisonous gases brought by soil and wooden furniture.

A green house should be a house with a housing environment that meets the environmental requirements set by the state, and must not cause harm to the health and safety of the occupants.

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