Go to the side when necessary

“Go to the side” when necessary

After retiring from the post, like many old friends, I once felt lost, confused, and at a loss. Sometimes it is really “into the worry, retreat and worry”, and I can’t enjoy it.
  Later, when I read a little story, I realized a lot of things.
The story says that an old monk is pointing to the little Shami: “If you die further, you will die if you step back. What should you do?”
Xiaosha thought about it and said, “I am going to the side.”
“It turns out that when you go back and forth, there is no way to go to the side.” The reason is as simple as that.
  There is more than one road to life.
You can’t move on the road you used to get used to, but you don’t want to eat all the time, sit and wait, it doesn’t matter, because there is a road next to the road – if you are singing and dancing, you might as a dancer and sing a happy dance; ifIf you love painting and calligraphy, you may wish to hide in the studio and spend your time in painting. If you love writing, you may wish to turn the captured inspiration into poetry and confession. If you lose on that road, you will get income on the road next to you.Great joy in life?
  In fact, even if the invisible cognitive confusion and emotional entanglement are entangled, we can find another way out for the soul – let the thinking turn a corner: the fame and fortune are no longer patronized, we can reduce the desire; can’t stop others from looking down, we can notLooking up at others; we can’t control the big environment, we can decorate our own side of the land. Good at turning a corner of thinking, we will feel that the sky on the head is blue, the ground under the feet is wider, and there is a good mood every day.
  A road to black is not persistent, but stubborn.
When you need to go to the side, it is a wise choice for old friends.

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