2018 World Football Best Ranking List Team News the best 11 people of the year

2018 World Football Best Ranking List “Team News” the best 11 people of the year
On January 3, 2019, recently, the famous French media “Team” selected the best role model in the world football in 2018. Messi and Ronaldo were two finalists, and the energy boy Mbappe was also on the list.Of course, this list will not miss Modric, which swept the major agendas in 2018.2018 Football Grand Slam winner Modric In 2018, many goalkeepers have performed well, including football gold gloves winner Kurtua, including Navas who helped Real Madrid win the Champions League, but the “Team” is the goalkeeper.In the selection of Atletico Madrid’s Oblak, compared with other goalkeepers, Oblak’s biggest feature is stability, and it is common to complete zero seals.Ronaldo, who is in the world of football, is on the back line. The four finalists came from the Champions League finals against the two sides, respectively, Valane and Van Dijk in the central defender position and Marcelo and Arnold in the full-back position.Both teams have played well in 2018, Real Madrid won the Champions League, Liverpool is the runner-up of the Champions League, and this season’s Premier League standings are also in the leading position.The finalists of the four defenders should not be too controversial, and their performances are all strong.Messi led the 2018 world football best team midfielder, Kanter and Modric. The former helped France win the World Cup and Chelsea won the FA Cup. Kanter also has a clear ability to score.Promotion.Above is the hero of Real Madrid to win the Champions League, while helping Croatia win the World Cup runner-up, Modric also won the Golden Globe, World Football, UEFA Player of the Year and other scores.  The four attackers on the striker line are all famous, including Azar of Chelsea, Ronaldo of Juventus, Messi of Barcelona and Mbappé of Paris.In fact, there is no need to introduce too much about these four people. Their performances in 2018 are all bursting.  ”Team News” selected the best 11 people of the year with “Team News” selected the best 11 people of the year with: Goalkeeper: Oblak (Atletico Madrid) Guards: Arnold (Liverpool), Van Dijk (Liverpool), Varane (Real Madrid)), Marcelo (Real Madrid) midfielder: Kanter (Chelsea), Modric (Real Madrid) frontcourt: Mbappé (Paris), Messi (Barcelona), Hazard (Chelsea) striker: Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo)Juventus) S) Original title: Authoritative Media Jury’s Best Candidate of the Year: Messi leads Ronaldo to provoke Serie A girders

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