[Yuan shall not eat with what]_ diet taboo _ food taboo

[Yuan shall not eat with what]_ diet taboo _ food taboo

In life, many people especially like to eat onions, but everyone does not like to cut onions, because when cutting onions, the spicy flavor of onions will be particularly spicy eyes, but the nutritional value of onions is really high, andThere is obviously a lot of water and calcium in it, and the onion in the onion is relatively small. If you eat onion often, no one will get fat, but some foods cannot be eaten with onion, so you ca n’t eat onion with whatHow about it?

Onions use enlarged fleshy bulbs as edible organisms, which are rich in nutrition. According to determination, about 100 grams of elongation per 100 grams of fresh onion head, protein 1?

8 grams, aunt 0.


5 grams, 5-8 grams of cobalt, 0 coarse fibers.

5 grams, 130 kilojoules, 12 mg calcium, 46 mg phosphorus, 0 iron.

6 mg, vitamin C14 mg, niacin 0.

5 mg, riboflavin 0.

05 mg, thiamine 0.

08 mg, carotene 1.

2 mg.

It also contains caffeic acid, erucic acid, cinnamic acid, citrate, polyvalent and various amino acids.

The volatile oil is toxic to allicin, thiol, trisulfide, etc.

Flower buds, pollen, and anthers all contain carotene.

The onion-causing component of onion is cycloallicin, and the S-propenyl-L-hemi glycerol sulfur metabolite contained in onion is the precursor of cycloallicin. Under alkaline conditions, it can be cyclized to cycloallicin.

Onion can not be eaten with anything. Onion and honey are the same grams. The same food will hurt the eyes and cause eye discomfort.

The following patients cannot eat onions1, and patients with gastrointestinal diseases cannot eat onions, which may lead to worsening of the disease.

2. People with eye diseases can’t eat onions, and their condition will be aggravated. 3 Patients with skin diseases should not eat onions. 4. Onions should not be eaten too much at one time, which may cause eyesight and fever.

Note: At the same time, those who have itchy skin disease, combined with eye disease and stomach disease, and lung and stomach inflammation eat less.

At the same time, the onion is warm, and patients with fever should eat it with caution; when combined with eye diseases and eye congestion, it is not appropriate to cut onions

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