The elderly teeth can shrink the two points of the matter to pay attention to

The elderly teeth can shrink the two points of the matter to pay attention to

Whether the elderly gingival shrinkage contraction can implant teeth, you need to look at the following points: the problem of missing teeth, in many old people’s eyes, seems to be a normal thing, that the elderly teeth are normal, so many elderly people do not have timely teethrepair.

However, when the tooth is desired to be implanted, the gums have already shrunk.

So, can the old man’s teeth shrink in Shenzhen?

The dentist pointed out that gum atrophy is generally a dental implant, but the patient needs to do a comprehensive oral examination, depending on the individual’s age, physical condition, gum condition, and jaw density, and choose the most suitable dental implant method.

First, figure out which type of gums you are atrophy.

Gingival atrophy is a common disease.

The cause is caused by periodontal disease, and there are calculus in the lower part of the gum. The calculus can cause the gums to shrink and shrink, and the teeth loose and fall off.

Gingival atrophy is divided into pathological atrophy and physiological atrophy. Pathological atrophy is mainly caused by the presence of foreign bodies (tartar) in the coagulation part, which is not cleared for a long time, and the bacteria are stimulated by stimulation.

In addition, the increase in age may also shrink more or less, causing the roots to be exposed. This is called physiological atrophy and is not treated, but can be delayed by health care.

Second, to understand the conditions required for implants, the age range of implants is between 18 and 80. On the contrary, dental implants are the most effective way to solve the problem of missing teeth in the elderly.

Whether or not dental implants can be made depends mainly on the physical condition of the patient.

It is generally believed that only those who are able to withstand conventional dental extraction surgery can receive dental implant treatment.

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