Light on the night economy | Night market fireworks and stroke the "stomach" warm heart

  The night fell, and the strong "fireworks" of the streets and alleys came to the face. Crayfish, barbecue, fried dumplings … There were a variety of foods, and the popular popularity, lighting up a beautiful nightlife.With the prevention and control of the domestic new crown pneumonia’s epidemic, while doing a good job of preventing and controlling the normalized epidemic, Tongling City has taken multiple measures and actively promoted the restoration of the catering industry to restore the food in an orderly manner.The city’s market supervision bureau requires strict personnel protection management, strict food raw materials management, adherence to epidemic prevention and control, and food safety.At present, the Catering Industry of Tongling City has recovered, and the "fireworks" familiar to the people are back.

  Reporter: Photo by Qu Yan: Editor Xing Chen: Produced by Liu Siyuan Xinhua News Agency.

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