Deepen "production, study, research, use" exchange cooperation to help high quality development forces in Ningxia Zhongning County

The event site. People’s Network Liang Hongxin takes this session, from the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Science and Technology Association, the CPC Zhongning County Committee, the Zhongning County People’s Government.

In the case of the combination of online lines, the experts, the scholars gathered in Zhongning, and made a plan for the development of Ningxia industries. Hong Jian said Hong Jian, deputy dean in Tianjin University of Science and Technology, said that with the viscosity of mobile computers, the eye-catching market is more vast market. Through modern pharmacological effects, it has developed a function of reliable and highly efficacy, and proposes a product promotion method with actual operability. It is hoped that 明 明 目 原 原 原 原 料. 打 原"枸杞 is the regional symbol of Zhongning, leading the industry, special brand, cultural symbol, has more than 600 artificial plants.

In recent years, Zhongning County has been rated as a nationally produced agricultural product advantage, and the national famous brand creation demonstration zone.

He Weirong, deputy magistrate of Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, said that the high-quality development forces of the HKM industry will be organized to actively promote the introduction of scientific and technological innovation results, promote the development of 枸杞, 枸杞 and related extension products industry chains, product quality and efficiency improvement , Scientific innovation and the construction of talent training, patented technology and enterprise docking platforms, promote high quality development in the 枸杞 industry.

It is understood that as of the end of 2020, Ningxia planting area was 350,000 mu, and the fresh fruit production was 260,000 tons. The comprehensive output value reached 21 billion yuan, and the standardization rate of base was 70%. Ningxia plans to 2025, the planting area of ??枸杞 reached 700,000 mu, and the processing conversion rate was increased to 40%, and the comprehensive output value reached 50 billion yuan.

During the forum, the "unveiling ceremony of" 枸杞 科技 Enterprise Incubator Unveiled "and" Launching Ceremony of the Industrial Education and Teaching of the Industrial Education ".

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