Whether the elderly are healthy, there are 8 standard health needs to cultivate six interest

Whether the elderly are healthy, there are 8 standard health needs to cultivate six interest

The health of the elderly is of concern to many children, but some diseases are lurking in the body for a time and there is no way to judge them. But today we are going to introduce you to 8 standards, which you can use to make the elderly healthy.

At the same time, let us know how the elderly should be healthy: whether the elderly are healthy or not. According to these 8 standards, as early as 1982, the Chinese Medical Association Geriatrics Branch has proposed the standard for healthy elderly people, and the elderly with no organic diseases in the main organs are healthy.Old man.

On this basis, healthy elderly people should meet the following eight criteria, the elderly can judge according to their own situation, and manage the body according to this standard: 1, sound and: the voice is loud, breathing calmly.

Explain that the optimal organs, speech centers, respiratory and circulatory systems have good physiological functions.

  2, front door loose: normal urine, unimpeded.

Explain that the urine and reproductive system are good.

  3, the back door is tight: the anal sphincter tension is good, so there is no special disease.

  4, the shape is not rich: the elderly should not be too fat, the study found that more than my standard weight of 10 kg, the shortevity probability can reach 13%.

  5, the teeth are hard: the health habits are good, and the general digestive function is also better.

  6, waist and leg spirit: muscle joints strong, is conducive to the expected rate of aging.

If you are able to walk long distances, it can also reflect good heart function.

  7, small pulse: blood pressure is not high, normal heart rhythm, arteriosclerosis is low, the pulse shape is small.

  8, eyes have a god: to prove that the spirit is strong, liver and kidney function is good.

  The elderly need to have 6 interesting old people to retreat from their posts, how can they let their old age live too much, how can we maintain the health and longevity of the body?

In fact, it is very simple, the key is to have a good psychological state.

Have “six fun”.

  Appetite: A good attitude is the foundation of health, so that the spirit is full, the mood is cheerful, less private and pleasing, and let it go.

In addition, you should make your life in your later life more complete, and integrate your residual heat and interest into a stable and harmonious family and social life.

  Fun: Get along with the people around you in the social family and you will find more fun in life.

Many old people will find and create, such as chess and calligraphy, make new and old friends, and participate in sports.

Planting flowers and raising birds, fishing collectors; or sharing fun with grandchildren, sharing the joy of family with their children; getting along with their companions, paying attention to their love, often communicating, and singing and singing.

With this kind of fun, life is more fulfilling.

  Childlike interest: It is a blessing to the elderly to keep a childlike and lively child, and to maintain a child-like mental state in the old age.

People’s life, things that don’t go well or things that can’t be opened are hard to avoid, but as long as they adjust themselves, they are as carefree as children, and they keep a childlike heart. It is a healthy temperament.

Maintaining a childlike state of mind is a blessing to the elderly.

  Interest: In ancient and modern China and abroad, there are many old people who have dreamed of being young in their later years.

This kind of interest, ideals, pursuits, and full play of their own wisdom and strength, while the spirit of diligence, hand, and leisure is an important factor in health and longevity.

  Harmony: Humor is a unique art, a “going to worry” in life.

When you are troubled, dull or embarrassed, deal with humor and humor, absorb the mental and nutritional balance from humor, have fun, and smile.

This way, the smile is always open, and youth is always able to benefit the body and make the mood comfortable.

  Pretty fun: that is, old-fashioned, this person mistakenly believes that beauty is a young person’s business, as long as people are old enough to eat and wear warm.

In fact, the elderly pursue beauty and pay attention to beauty, which is conducive to human health.

Because proper dressing can bring vitality to the lives of the elderly, and thus create a sense of self: I am not old, still young.

This kind of mood is more conducive to health and longevity.

  Old people need proper exercise in addition to health. In addition to the six interests we mentioned above, the elderly should pay more attention to exercise.

Older people should consider more problems when they are exercising than when they are young.

The first is to avoid risk, pay attention to safety, and of course pay attention to whether it is effective.

Some elderly people often insist on exercising regardless of the weather and personal feelings. The middle-aged exercise mode, speed and intensity are maintained in old age, which is not in accordance with physiological laws.Exercise should increase with age, and reduce the intensity appropriately.

Old people who like to pull the ligament can not only pull the ligament without practicing strength, and can increase the muscle training of the legs and upper limbs in the fitness mode.

  Old people who like ball sports should also pay attention to the fact that some ball sports are too strong, which may lead to rupture or replacement of emboli in the blood vessels of the heart, block large blood vessels, cause large area of myocardial necrosis, and stop the heart.

Therefore, the elderly should adjust their mentality when doing ball games, and they must not be eager to win.

If you feel a short sting in the front of your heart during the game, you will feel better after you take a break. You can’t play anymore.

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