Place 6 bottles of water to pay tribute to Min Lulei, Mabri praised the Great Saint and the champion

Place 6 bottles of water to pay tribute to Min Lulei, Mabri praised the “Great Saint” and the champion
Wang Shaojie layup.Sauna, night net Wu Jiang She Beikong men’s basketball team tonight beat the Shenzhen team 108 to 103 at home, ushered in a new season CBA start.Head coach Marbury recognized the team’s efforts to win after the game, and said that it needs further improvement in execution.At the beginning of the fourth quarter of strength, the Beijing Basketball Men’s Basketball Team established a leading advantage in one fell swoop and resisted the opponent’s counterattack at the last moment.Marbury was satisfied with the performance of the game and also saw the shortcomings, “Winning the game is the most important, but we still have a lot of work to do.The team also needs better execution at the last moment of the game and more transfers. Once the ball is really transferred, it will be difficult for the opponent to defend.”Sun Yue and his teammates celebrated the party.In the sauna, many reporters from Wu Jiangshe at the night net found that Marbury put 6 bottles of water beside the seat, exactly the same as the coach Min Lulei’s habits when he was at the Shougang team.He said with a smile: “6 bottles of water are my tribute to Min Lulei. I learned a lot from him.He led the team to 4 years and 3 championships, and his system helped me a lot.Lao Ma said he hopes to lead Beijing Enterprises through his own efforts to achieve good results.While conducting the game on the sidelines, Marbury held a piece of paper in his hand and opened it from time to time.Lao Ma said that he will make different timing and tactical adjustments according to the changes in the field.Marbury made a good start.Sauna, night net Wu Jiangshe In addition to three foreign aids in this field, “Great Saint” Sun Yue and CBA champion Wang Shaojie two domestic players scored 13 points and 12 points respectively.Marbury praised the two lovers after the game, “Sun Yue played a very good game tonight, hit a few key goals, and did a good job on the defensive end.”For Wang Shaojie, Lao Ma believes that he performed well in the first professional game against the upgrade,” He can play better, I know he can. “”

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