Qian Peng Fu took a few steps,Tight stare at the summer,His face is very complicated on the face。

Summer is also looking at him,Hague corner brings together,Like laugh。
“Mr. Xia!”
Qian Peng Fu continues to step。
This time no stay,Rating straight to the front,“I don’t know how to drive,Far-off,Also looking forward to Han Han。”
Deep 鞠躬!——Ninety degrees!哗!This is in the eyes of everyone,Immediately set off a chance。
More than these bodyguards,There is also the high level of the money to follow Qian Peng Fu,Everything。
In addition。
Miscal blessings in crowd,It is more like petrochemicals.,Almost stay in the same place,Mouth,Eye-catching!In fact。
She is also coming back and not for how long。
Then I was called directly by http://www.hloov.cn Qian Peng Fu.。
And question content,All things that have been in contact with the summer。
Previous time,Zhong Shu once said,Summer is very big,Whether the money is still a special book,At all, it is not worth mentioning in the eyes of each other.。
Here,Qiu Niu didn’t believe it。
However, this moment, Qianpeng’s attitude,Deep shocking her。
More people can’t believe,There is no saying in the summer.,And Qian Peng Fu has been taking a ninety degrees。
He doesn’t dare to get up!He……Who is it?!Such a scene,It has lasted more than 20 seconds。
http://www.b2cjob.cn Silent silence,Quiet and even people。
“Mr. Qian,Do you know why I am in the middle of the night??”
Summer mild sound,There is also a touch of smile on your face.。
Just——After listening to this,Qian Peng Fu is shocked,The sweat of forehead answers the answer。
“knowledge……”Qian Peng Fu smiled,Also take it straight to the waist,“Mr. Xia,Can you listen to me??”
Since summer is in person,Qian Peng Fu,How can it be speculated?,I am afraid of my arrangement.,I have been broken by the other party.。
Important,He is very clear about what is the identity of this youth.。
Obvious,A road is not available。
That will only exacerbate the destruction of money.。
Summer holding shoulders,Half of the body,“You said,I listen,If you can satisfy me,I not only don’t http://www.yiding2008.cn pursue this matter.,Will also make a business with you。”

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