“All right,These things will be said,Still help me make the merits”The long door patted the spring。

His legs are all neatly dead.,Not so easy to recover your own recovery,Can only install a siki。
The long http://www.yizhehuo.cndoor looks at Pesi six roads on the ground,These are useful,Still need to establish contact as soon as possible。
The long door looked at the heaven Peden on the ground,A silent road in my heart。
Spring’s eyes flashing,Another pair of eyes are watching here。
“There is no fierce battle in the accident.”Spring mouth is a little smile。
He is not in a hurry at all,Tongli will expose the tail,Lost the leader of the leader,I want him to be very unhappy.!
“Hoses,I don’t want to know my true purpose.”Spring is looking at the right side of the eye.。
“Have you told me?”Justuk opened his eyes。
“certainly,This is also related to you,I will announce the world”The smile on the spring is more intense.。
This is just his first step.,The back is still a stronger strength。
He wants to change the endurance。
http://www.hns2.cn Jiyi,Announce the world,He really dares to say.!
“Can you tell me now?”Justice。
“Do not,Now say that there is no effect I want.,I am going to shock the entire endurance.,And my goal is completed,Will be very beneficial to your beast”Spring said。
“After that, please trouble with me.”Spring continued to say。
“Can I go see?”Chongwen is also very curious。
“sure,But I can only see it on the sky.,This action is still a little dangerous”Spring said with his eyes。
I have disappeared for such a long time to prepare a big event,But what is it??
This may only be clear by himself.。
chapter Five Fly thunder
A few days later。
A black shadow shuttle in the wooden leaves,He is full of breath,As if a ghost is general,Wooden ninja that avoids inspections,Substant in the direction of the fire building。
Soon, he came to a tree that is not far from the fire building.。
“It’s really expected.,But now you must work forever.”The figure said gently。
His figure quickly sinks into the ground,I don’t know where to go.。
Before a room,Two dark portions are in front of the door。
But they didn’t find it.,There is a pair of eyes that are watching them.,A small seedlings,Slowly grow at their feet。
“this is。。。Hoot”Two dark body,It’s bound by the branches behind them.,Even the mouth is blocked by branches.。
The mask that falls off is also ranked.http://www.xiahuazhongxue.cn ,No sound。
Then their eyes have grown.,A figure is slowly emerged from the front of them.。
“Hi,Don’t move,I don’t want to hurt you.,But the little action doesn’t have to be done.”Spring with wooden mask and smiling。
Then two dark portions suddenly felt a pain,Their Chakra is evacuated in the fast,The bondage on the body has also become more tight.。
“All right,let me see,What is the preparation?”Springs’ eyes slightly flash。
“Yo,There is also a warning.,But nothing to me.”The hand of the spring is directly pressed.。
The symbol has not been launched yet,Just squeezed Chakra instantly,Out of action。

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