[Ancient contraception methods]

[Ancient contraception methods]

Ancient sex culture, revealing how ancient people used contraception.

In modern society, almost every adult needs self-confidence.

Therefore, the self-confidence method has repeatedly created extraordinary tricks.

In fact, humans have had a history of contraception for 4,000 years. In the past 4,000 years, some contraceptive methods have indeed made people “spread rice.”

The first condoms: sheep intestines Ancient people also used sheep intestine condoms, which is obviously close to modern condoms.

The oldest condom known today is made from a piece of pig intestine, one end is sewn with silk thread, and the other end can be fastened to prevent it from slipping.

Related manuals suggest that this type of condom is difficult to use immediately when needed, because the condom must be soaked with warm milk before use.


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