Old man is good with monochrome light

Old man is good with monochrome light

Nowadays, many families like to install a number of xenon lamps in a room: chandeliers, spotlights, and clever combination of floor lamps, deliberately create contrast between light and dark and color to set the style of the interior.

  In this regard, the professional reminded: “The bright and dark contrast light is not suitable for the elderly, especially the light source of the five colors, which will lead to the elderly’s gaze, fall, and easily cause sudden cerebrovascular disease in the elderly.

“Because of the strong contrast of light and darkness or the color is too bright, it is easy to cause changes and changes in the mood of the elderly, long-term stimulation of the brain.

This is prone to sudden cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases for the elderly with weak cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Therefore, in an environment where the elderly live, try to use a light source with a single color and a stable light, and do not leave the “dead angle” of the illumination.

  Although the environment in which the elderly live is not suitable for bright and dark contrasting lights, the illumination of multiple light sources is still necessary for the elderly, because with the increase of age, the human cornea, lens, vitreous and other refractionsThe transparency of the material is reduced, the pupil is reduced, and the light entering the eye is reduced. Therefore, multiple light sources are needed to improve the illumination level in the room, so that it can be seen clearly, but the color of these light sources is single.

  It should be noted that the brightness of the desk lamp used by the elderly should also match the brightness of the room.

In addition to the direct lighting of the desktop, additional lighting in the indoor environment is required. One or two lights are installed in the room to prevent the line of sight from changing back and forth between the reading and the environment, causing fatigue in the elderly.

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