Chinese women’s football coach Lu Yiliang is a temporary worker who laughs at being a freelance worker

Chinese women’s football coach Lu Yiliang is a “temporary worker” who laughs at being a freelance worker
On the evening of August 26, the evening of August 26 was of great significance to Chinese football. The Chinese women’s football team defeated Venezuela in the final of the Youth Olympic Games and won the championship of the first world competition in Chinese football.But many people don’t know that Lu Yiliang, the coach of this women’s football championship team, is actually a temporary worker.  As a temporary coach, it is not easy for former Jiangsu team player Lu Yiliang to take the team to the championship position.The team that started to bring this expenditure in 1999 and 2000 in 2012 was actually preparing for the U13 Asian Games held in Nanjing in June 2012. We also played in the U14 Asian Games in 2013.Speaking of important matches, we defeated Japan’s U13 in 31:1 in 2012 and defeated their U14 by 4:2 the following year.When they defeated Japan in the first year, they were still not convinced, but after losing to us in the second year, the Japanese coach came over to congratulate us and can be said that they were defeated by us.  Looking at the difficulties after taking over the team, Lu Yiliang was quite emotional: when he first took over, because they were all children, it was not easy to manage, and each person’s foundation was different.I came from playing football, and I know that the basics of youth playing are too critical. With my understanding of football, I grasp the children in detail.In addition, in football awareness and technical tactics, I also have strict requirements. The players and I often appear to be confrontational techniques.According to the characteristics of the team, I designed the training method myself, and the players were also very interested.And I played a lot of positions when playing football, which is very helpful for me to teach players.In terms of achievements, we have won in North Korea, South Korea and Japan in recent years, and it is the only team in all national teams.  Regarding his establishment, Lu Yiliang laughed that he was only a temporary worker.I am neither a national team nor a local team. I am completely a freelancer.

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