[7 things that make men crazy after marriage]_Men

[7 things that make men crazy after marriage]_Men

After marriage, there will always be friction between husband and wife. The following 7 things cause men to be crazy. Let’s take a look together.

First, there is no need to explain the red apricot out of the wall. The most painful thing for a man is this. Of course, the ending is divorce.

If there are no children, it is easy to do it.

With children, two people are in trouble.

Make up for it, it is better to die than to die, and the child becomes a victim.

A friend quietly divorced quietly. After the divorce, this matter was not mentioned to anyone. Only one year later the friends knew he was single.

The reason is because his wife Hongxing came out of the wall.

Dividing property at the time of divorce, the man showed his generosity, and went out of the house.

If you encounter this kind of thing, how painful do you say men are?


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