[Effect of Chinese yam barley rice]_Benefits_Benefits

[Effect of Chinese yam barley rice]_Benefits_Benefits

Chinese yam and rice are all common ingredients in people’s lives. They all have excellent effects on the body, have excellent help for human health, and have rich nutritional value.

Yam, barley and rice porridge is a kind of porridge that is very common in life.

For replenishing qi and blood, reconciling the spleen and stomach has excellent effects.

In addition, there are many places that are helpful to the human body, so do you know the specific method of making yam, rice, and rice porridge?

Here’s a description of how it’s made and an explanation of its effects.

The composition of yam, barley, and rice porridge has existed since ancient times. The raw materials for making it are yam, barley, and so on. This porridge is admired by many well-known doctors.

The effect of this porridge is to replenish qi and blood and reconcile the spleen and stomach.

The production method is the same as the original method-direct cooking of mountain seasoning, barley kernel rice and real rice porridge, the biggest advantage of this method is the simplest, the disadvantage is not very delicious, because the rice is cooked, the soup is soup,It is not sticky at all, and Huaishan becomes crispy when cooked. It is chewy with glutinous rice and glutinous rice, an indescribable feeling. Anyway, it is very uncomfortable to chew something of different tastes in the mouth at the same time.

It should be noted that this method must be soaked in advance, and it must be soaked for a long time, so that it can be cooked easily if it is soaked, or it can not be cooked basically (with a pressure cooker), and you can useFresh iron bars instead of dry Huaishan, it will be cooked well, and fresh iron bars and yam will cook very delicious. Of course, friends who have sashimi in their hometown can also use fresh sashimi to make porridge.good to eat.

If you cut the dried Huaishan pulverizer into yam crumbs, use the rolling pin to grind the glutinous rice and the glutinous rice, and then soak for 20 minutes. The cooked porridge will be delicious and save fire.

Method two The most authentic way of cooking-cooking “paste” using Huaishan yam powder, barley rice powder and scallion powder, has many advantages, first: you can add flour according to your own needs, and second: this porridge is tonicBlood is the best speed. “It doesn’t require us to spend extra money, but it can directly provide us with good medicine and blood.” This is what it says. Third: It’s delicious (if the ingredients are good).

Take an appropriate amount of Huaishan yam powder, mix indica rice flour and real rice flour, add warm water (not cold water, or boiled water) to make a paste. When the water in the pot is boiling, pour the paste into it, and stir it with a spoon to avoid pan or sink, And then cook it for about 10 minutes, and the nutritious and delicious yam, rice, and rice porridge is ready. You can add honey or other condiments according to your personal preference.It is particularly sticky after cooking, and a small bowl can be cooked thickly.

So do n’t add too much raw material. The disadvantage of this method is really not there. If you must find it, some people do n’t like to drink this kind of “slimy” things. Moreover, after cooking porridge, the pot is more difficult to wash.

Method three is the most convenient and simple way. When I first wanted to do this, I suddenly wondered when I was grinding soybean milk. Later, I found that there are still so many friends like me. This method usually requires the ingredients to be prepared in advance, usually the night before.In the morning, if you want to eat deliciously, I suggest that you do not use the water for the brewing (a lot of friends have different opinions, I reserve the opinion), and the raw materials must not be too much, otherwise it will be a pan.

Method 4 The most common method of brewing-yam, barley, rice powder, yam, barley, rice powder is a mixed powdery food that is easy to brew.

A nutritional powder formed by mixing three kinds of ingredients: yam, barley, and glutinous rice. These three kinds of ingredients have many effects.

There are two ways to eat yam barley powder, one is hot foam, and the other is cold foam.

Hot foaming: take 50g of yam, barley and rice flour in a cup or bowl, add warm water; leave it for 3 minutes without stirring; then brew with warm water.

Cold soaking: take 50g of yam, barley and rice flour in a cup or bowl, add equal amount of cold boiling water, mix well with a spoon; put in the oven and heat for 3 minutes on high heat.

The ratio of ingredients is generally yam: 芡: 薏米 = 1: 1: For those who have edema on weekdays and little urine, yam barley porridge can be used alone. The ratio is yam: barley = 1: 1: kidney deficiency and frequent urination.For those who have a dry mouth and drink water, they can use yam and yam porridge. The ratio is yam: yam = 1: 1. For the elderly, the ratio of spleen and lungs is yam: yam: yam = 2: 1: 1.The ratio is Zhishi: yam = 2: 1. The main effect is to strengthen the spleen and stomach: the effect of yam, barley and rice porridge to invigorate qi and blood, and spleen and stomach are recognized.

So conditioning the spleen and stomach is the root of health!

Bushen Yijing: Kidney is congenital, essence, qi, God is the three treasures of man, yam nourishing essence and solidifying the kidney calmly and powerfully, Zhishi not only stops sperm, but also can produce sperm. The combination of yam and essence is an excellent first choice for Bushen Yijing.

Dispels dampness and water, strengthens the spleen and replenishes the lungs: The main effect of indica rice is to strengthen the spleen and dampen the spleen, which can replenish the lungs, and eliminate phlegm.

Therefore, barley is also used to treat the symptoms of lung heat, lung, and lung.

Used with yam, they complement each other and lack complementarity.

“Yam and barley are all medicines for replenishing the spleen and lungs, but yam alone will lose the stickiness for a long time, and barley rice alone will lose the infiltration for a long time.Such as effusion, edema, eczema, pustules and other problems related to muddy water in the body, barley is your best helper.

Yishou extension: Chinese yam is called “the food of the gods”, “Shen Nong’s Herbal Classic” is listed as the top quality supplement medicine, barley is called “the longevity of the elixir”, and Ji Shi records in the medical book “long food extension age . “

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