Give family and love a chance

Give family and love a chance

Being loved is happy!

Love is the love between the blood and the love of the family; it is the love between the long-lasting friendship; the love between the loyal love.

  However, he inadvertently forgot this habit in the corner, but did not forget this feeling, just buried.

  There are many of the most painful things in the world, and the collision of family and love is the most painful consequence for everyone.

On the one hand, the parents who raised you, the constant blood, and the love that is hard to let go, the choice, where to go?

  I always think, and think so. There is no comparability between family and love. Family and love cannot be understood because their balances will never be balanced.

Some people always like to ask, who is the mother and wife who fell into the water first?

Such a problem is really worthless, very boring, save the mother, will be condemned as not loving his wife, saving his wife, will be reviled as a filial son.

  So I think this question is meaningless!

What we should do is that since you have chosen each other, love her (he) and also love her (his) parents, accompanying both parents, instead of asking the other person who will save the first person in the water.Such talents are worthy of love and cherish life!

  I played family and love in Baidu, searched for many kinds of articles, and had a long story about discovering the story of family and love. I have only one story to tell. I saw more of the author’s pain and I was at a loss.Gradually, I am always in the eyes of the show, the girls are helpless and tearful eyes.

  There is nothing wrong with love itself, but we are always hurt by love, the only one who hurts, and the people around us.

From the girl’s resolute and decisive discourse, she is not serious. She really wants her parents to forgive her and accept this love. She also loves her boyfriend. This love, hurts two loved ones.More hurt the girls’ parents, perhaps they are still young, pursuing their own love but regardless of their parents’ opposition, repeatedly hurting parents with lies and escape.

  Seeing half of it, I can only say that all of them have responsibilities and have the wrong place.

Parents are too authoritarian, girls are included in the point of view, boys are not properly disposed of, there are many solutions to everything, if they are willing to give each other a chance to stand on the other side’s position, even if they are givenAt the time of a test, things may have another outcome.

  Parents in the world, no one normal parent does not love their children, it is because of this love, will let parents say “if you don’t listen to them, you will sever your relationship with your children!”

“Is this family really able to break?”

Will this bloody feeling really go away with this sentence?

Will not!

No one can change the arrangement of heaven.

  Parents are hoping that their children are happy. The parents on the show are based on their daughter’s boyfriend and they are not in the same city. This kind of resolute opposition to this feeling makes people look awkward. From the perspective of their parents, theyIn fact, it is not unreasonable. After all, it is a child who raises her own family. How can she marry so far? If she is from the child’s point of view, her parents’ thoughts may be somewhat conservative.

  In short, I saw a thin girl suffering from the relationship between love and love, crying constantly, she hopes that parents accept them, but it is such a luxury desire.

I can’t help thinking, how do girls make choices in the end?

Is it a choice of parents or a lover?

The show is coming to an end, the parents are determined, the boyfriend is looking forward to the eyes, the girl decides to break up and go home with her parents.

  I saw a girl crying after making a decision. When he finally said goodbye to his boyfriend, the boyfriend also apologized to the girl’s parents for a glimmer of hope. When finally separating, the girl refused to stand up and finallyOne time, people’s hearts were broken.

It shouldn’t be such an ending. My eyes catch tears. As Cao Ying said, she doesn’t know why she will cry. Maybe there is regret that this love ends.

In my heart, I am worried and mixed. I am happy that she has not given up her family, did not disregard the parental support, and regrets the regrets of this pair of lovers. How many such things will happen in this world?

  Parents in the world, family is the most important, there should be some gratification, there are still many people who know the value of family.

Some people say that love is gone, you can go looking for it, if you have no family, then you lose value.

It is best to have both fish and bear’s paws at the same time. When you can’t have them at the same time, you can only bear the pain and give up one side. It is most important to see which side is in your heart!

  Parents gave us life, gave us the opportunity to live in this colorful world, and even have the life to find our own love. We should know how to cherish this family relationship and return the kindness of our parents. Love is also our heart.The most painful encounter in the vast sea of people is the choice between the two. In the case of the situation, I hope that neither the parents nor the lovers should be too excited, prematurely lower body, communicate well and give each other a chance.Give love a chance!

  The proportion of people who are in love with each other but can’t be together can hold each other’s hands. Whether life is romantic or plain, cherish each other, and don’t let go of the other hand.

Family is precious, true love is hard to find.

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