Agricultural Development Nancheng Branch polls "green bank" brand image

In order to seriously practice the concept of "green mountain is Jinshan Yinshan", help farm issues "Green Bank" strategic objectives, the agricultural issuance of Nancheng County Branch keeps on the work deployment, strengthening responsibility, and fully promotes the development of green credit business, rub Light "green bank" brand image.

Communicate the concept of ecological development in internal and external.

Agricultural Development Nancheng County Branch strengthens learning and training on the inner layer, seriously leading green credit policies, institutions and documents, and integrates green concept into each business link, advocating employees to implement green office, green travel, starting from me Since small things, help energy conservation and ecological civilization construction.

Foreign publicity agricultural issuance green credit preferential policies, innovative green credit product models and service models, and jointly build "green water Qingshan".

Two initiatives advance the green credit business. On the one hand, strictly implement the premiere of the upper level, and fully promote the development of the green credit business, strengthen internal management, and cooperate with the top-level row to do the green credit basic work, and strive to be in front, do the truth and effective. On the other hand, innovative design Nancheng branch’s self-selected action, give full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of all creditors, a variety of channel docking green projects, one enterprising provides professional green financial services, fully considering the characteristics and regional needs of Nancheng and Niki area, focus Pay attention to the environmental governance of regional water, and vigorously support environmental protection projects such as water environment protection in Kowloon, Liuxi River Basin, innovation.

Through continuous investment of green credit resources, as of November 2021, there were 2 green credit projects in Nancheng County, and 1 unspected credit project, the balance of loans was 500 million yuan, accounting for about all loan balance%.

In the future, the Nuocheng County Branch of the Agricultural Development will further improve the political station, increase the green financial support, focus on the ecological protection project of the Yangtze River Basin, service life waste treatment, ecological protection repair, water comprehensive rectification, help the green financial management system, Promote the development of high quality development in economic and social development and make new and greater contributions.

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