[How to make trotters]_Foaming method_How to make

[How to make trotters]_Foaming method_How to make

Pork hoof is also a kind of food that everyone likes to eat, but if you want to cook this kind of food, there are still a lot of precautions, otherwise you will use your own pork hoof that is not so deliciousYes, if you want to make pork trotters, you should first put the pork trotters in the water and soak them, so that you can make your own pork trotters overcome the chewing strength.

Efficacy: This soup has a cosmetic effect, nourishing blood and milk, clearing heat and diuretic, detoxifying and treating ulcers. It is suitable for complications such as insufficient plumpness caused by insufficient blood and blood, insufficient postpartum milk, or mammary gland failure resulting in breast inflammation and breast pain.

Materials: Four or two pig trotters, four or two soybeans, oil and salt.

Production: ① Soak the soybeans in water for three hours and wash the trotters.

② Put the ingredients in a saucepan containing water, cook until the soybeans are cooked, add oil, and season with salt.

White sauce tendon material: fried tendon 70g Jinhua ham slice 20g straw mushroom slice 40g carrot 5 winter shoot slice 35g broccoli 50g ginger slice 15g seasoning: salt 2 teaspoons flavor powder 2 teaspoons flower carving wine half tablespoon pepper300 grams of chicken soup with flour and white rice vinegar each method: ① soak the tendons soaked in warm water to soften and drain the water.

Cut into 4 cm long pieces and put them in the pot, blanch them and remove them for use.

②Hot oil, stir-fried ginger slices, then add straw mushrooms, carrots, winter bamboo shoots, ham, stir-fry, then add chicken soup, add seasonings, and after cooking, use a low heat to simmer until the juice is dry, addAfter cooking the broccoli for a while, you can add it to the dish.

The braised tendons are delicious, the mouth is waxy, and the color is red.

Ingredients: 250 grams of fresh pork trotters, 6 grams of winter rut, 50 grams of magnolia slices, 13 grams each of soy sauce, cooking wine, shallots, starch, 8 grams of ginger, 3 grams each of salt and MSG, 250 grams of soup.

Production: (1) Boil raw hoof tendons with water, then remove and rinse with cold water to remove the gum, and cut into two sections.

Cut the shallot into two halves and cut into ginger.

Dongru drinking water was passed through to remove the legs, the magnolia slices were washed with boiling water and cut into strips, and the ham was cut into strips.

(2) After frying the oil with a frying spoon, first stir-fry the onions, ginger, then winter ru, and magnolia slices, and then stir-fry the soy sauce, tendons, ham, salt, cooking wine, soup, and remove the foam.Add the monosodium glutamate to the stew until it tastes. Stir in wet starch and replace with plain oil.[3]

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