Absolutely slimming sedentary how to eat can abdomen thin waist

Absolutely slimming sedentary how to eat can abdomen thin waist

Always avoid the symptoms of “swim ring” by starvation.

  From a dietary point of view, we must adhere to the concept of nutritional balance, including “4:3:3”, absolutely no waste in the diet, appropriate replacement of high-quality alternatives, avoiding some high glycemic index or deep-processed food,You should also pay attention to avoiding meals within 3 hours before going to bed.

  At the same time, avoid eating emotionally.

In addition, pay attention to chewing slowly, completely relax when eating, and learn to control by leaving a little bit on the plate.

If you must eat sundaes, desserts, then go eat, but don’t feel guilty.

Eat and eat, let yourself feel better.

  Tip: It is more difficult to avoid excessive dieting to avoid the symptoms of “swim ring” through starvation.

This will reduce your metabolism, so when your diet returns to normal, your weight will not only rebound, it may be heavier than before.

  Your body can sense that you have entered a state of drought, and the body will use the heat card that enters the body more efficiently.

The more you diet, the more weight you will lose once you gain weight.

When the weight is reduced by 6%, the metabolic rate will drop by more than 15%-20%, so it is more difficult to consume the calorie in the next cycle.

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