And when he was practicing as Lao Tzu,But there is a green bull following。

This green bull gave birth to spiritual wisdom under the enlightenment of Lao Tzu,Also follow Lao Tzu to practice。
When Lao Tzu became Taoist,He is also a god。
Long years,And the teachings of the Sanqing Taoists,Made this very ordinary blue cow also become a Taoist ancestor。
Of course they all became Taoist,Taoist Sanqing won’t let him pull the cart anymore,But chose another bull monster。
later,The work of pulling carts for Sanqing Taoists,It can be considered as a welfare for some cow monsters,Not even gods and gods。
After all, the Sanqing Taoists occasionally preach,Are allowed to listen to these carts。
This works,Green Bull is the first,There are many tasks behind,For example, the bull devil did it。
Like《Journey to the West》The blue bull that blocked Master Sanzang in,Actually it’s just one of them,Is not the original ancestor of Qing Niu。
This ancestor of the Qing Niu Dao ancestor opened a big world,The green cattle and even other big monsters of cattle gather here。
Many famous figures from the Three Realms were born(Cattle)。
such as,The old cow who encouraged the cowherd,He was born in the Qingniu world。
Another example,The famous Pingtian Great Sage in the Three Realms,Western Great Bull King Bull Demon King。
The bull devil is not a blue bull,But a red cow,Blood,But as a teenager,Instinctive(By the standards of gods),Enlightenment is slow,It’s even very difficult to become the Void Demon。
However, it is by a will,Rise abruptly in ancient times,One-hand punch shocked the ancients。
Daozu can’t come out,He is one of the strongest people in the Three Realms。
Sun Xingzhe returned from apprenticeship,Fighting him is also at a disadvantage。

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