[Garlic with brown sugar]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Garlic with brown sugar]_ production method _ practice Daquan

In Laba, many families will make pickled garlic. The pickled garlic tastes sweet and sour, because in the marinating process, you need to add white sugar and vinegar, and sweet and sour garlic tastes special.Eating some sweet and sour garlic during meals can eliminate bacteria in our stomachs and improve the body’s immunity. Sweet and sour garlic tastes sweet and sour and has no spicy taste, so what is the effect of garlic and brown sugar?How about it?

First, the effect of Laba garlic plus brown sugar is generally marinated Laba garlic with white sugar, but brown sugar can also be added, and brown sugar has a certain health effect.

Efficacy of Laba Garlic: 1. It is sour, sweet, and delicious. It has garlic and not spicy.

2. It can also induce the activity of detoxifying enzymes in liver cells, which can interrupt the synthesis of nitrosamine carcinogens, thereby preventing the occurrence of cancer.

3. The antioxidant activity of Laba garlic is mixed with ginseng, and regular eating can delay aging.

4. People who are often exposed to lead or people who are prone to lead poisoning can effectively place lead poisoning.

5. In addition, Laba garlic also contains a spicy ingredient called naphthalene, which can kill 1/10 of penicillin, and has a good killing effect on pathogens and parasites.

6, can prevent influenza, prevent wound infections, treat infectious diseases and efficacy of deworming.

In addition, ordinary garlic is warm, eats too much heat, and is irritating to the local area. Therefore, the deficiency of yin and fire, and the mouth and tongue with diseases, are not forbidden, but Laba garlic does not have the effects of these taboo Laba garlic brown sugar: sugar has white granulated sugar and red tablets(Powder) sugar, rock sugar and other varieties.

Help the spleen, blood, cold, break the medicine into brown sugar; heat, anti-inflammatory, lung and more sugar or rock sugar.

Sugar is good for the body and good for restoring good health after illness.

Although sugar has the effect of helping the spleen to protect the liver and relieve liver qi, eating more food is shocking and swollen, sputum, tooth damage, ascaris, and muscle loss.

In addition, you should not eat sugar before going to bed at night, especially children, the most prone to dental caries (commonly known as worm tooth).

Brown sugar is a purified sugar whose nutritional value was previously white sugar.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, brown sugar is warm, sweet and enters the spleen. It has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen and stomach, slowing down pain, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis.

And to play these effects of brown sugar, eating is also very particular about: brown sugar boiled poached eggs, eggs and brown sugar can complement the nutrition, so that the elderly look rosy and energetic; use brown sugar soaked longan, it will improve sleepPositive effect; brown sugar bubble ginseng, it has the effect of conditioning breath and improving hypotension.

Brown sugar is generally used in the small kitchen of the family. For beauty and beauty, everyone knows little about it.

Brown sugar contains carotene, riboflavin, niacin, amino acids, glucose and other ingredients. It has strong anti-oxidant and repairing effects on skin cells, whitens the skin, and brown sugar contains a magical “molasses” ingredient.It has a powerful detoxification effect, which can transform excess melanin from the dermis layer, transforming the role of beauty and beauty.

Second, marinated garlic and brown sugar 500 grams of garlic with 50 grams of salt 300 grams of brown sugar 30 grams of rice vinegar or 20 grams of white vinegar star anise can be added without 600 grams of waterThe root of the garlic is dug into a cone but the garlic must not be scattered (the purpose is to make the garlic smell) (2, soak the garlic in water for 5-7 days, change the water every day 3, the garlic enters the altar, and a layer of garlic and salt, no water; Pour garlic once a day, and pour the bottom to the top, so that the garlic accumulates; 5-7 days later, take out the sun, and after the skin is dry, remove any old skin . evenly yard into the altar 4 and boil the waterAdd brown sugar and remove from the fire; add vinegar when the water temperature is about 80 degrees; rush into the garlic jar and seal the jar after it is cool. After 7 days, the brown sugar is converted to fructose and eaten., Such as hi acid can add more vinegar.

6, sugar and garlic juice can be used as Lai Shi when sweet and sour sauce, garlic is strong, do not have flavor, but can not be used to pile up garlic.

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