Men should beware of the nine major killers

Men should beware of the nine major “killers”

Nowadays, various kidney-filling advertisements are full of newspaper layouts and streets, and under the advertising campaigns of “men want to cheer” and “supplement of sacred products”, men who have increased work pressure and accelerated life rhythm always feel that they are “kidney deficiency”.
What are the reasons for the real situation?
  Abuse of analgesics: long-term use or large doses of some anti-inflammatory analgesic drugs, such as painkillers, indomethacin, paracetamol, aspirin, etc., easily cause kidney damage.
  Kidney damage can be manifested as: fatigue, dry mouth, loss of appetite, frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, and even hematuria and aseptic pyuria, accompanied by joint pain and other symptoms.
Some directly cause nephrotic syndrome such as acute nephritis or glomerular necrosis, and severe cases can lead to kidney failure and death.
  Excessive use of certain Chinese herbal medicines: In recent years, it has been continuously discovered that taking certain Chinese herbal medicines (including proprietary Chinese medicines) can cause kidney damage.
The Chinese herbal medicines that will “injure the kidneys” include: Tripterygium wilfordii, Guanmutong, P. chinensis, Xanthium, poppy shell, raw grass, gentian, Aoki, and Fang.
Among them, Tripterygium wilfordii caused the most kidney damage, followed by Guan Mutong.
The reason for Guanmutong’s kidney injury is the presence of the nephrotoxic substance aristolochic acid.
  Overeating: Modern people have more opportunities to gather meals, often eating too much “delicious”, and the food they eat will eventually produce waste – uric acid and urea nitrogen.
Most of these wastes are excreted through the kidneys, and eating too much will undoubtedly increase the burden on the kidneys.
  Frequent urination: Some people urinate for a long time because of busy work.
Urine in the bladder for too long is easy to breed bacteria, bacteria will retrograde to the kidney through the ureter, leading to urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis.
Once this type of infection recurs, it can cause chronic infection and is not easy to cure.
Patients not only have symptoms such as back pain, frequent urination, but also develop acute uremia.
  Too little water: If you do not drink water for a long time, the amount of urine will decrease, and the concentration of waste and toxins carried in the urine will increase.
Clinically common kidney stones, hydronephrosis, etc. are closely related to not drinking water for a long time.
Drinking plenty of water can dilute the urine and protect the kidneys, helping to fully discharge waste and toxins.
  Excessive drink: Excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks can indirectly damage the kidneys.
The pH in the human body is 7.
2, these beverages are generally highly acidic, and the pH of the body changes significantly after drinking.
The kidney is the main organ regulating the pH of the human body. Long-term excessive intake of soft drinks and sports drinks will burden the kidneys and increase the probability of kidney damage.
  Eat too soft bread: There is a food additive potassium bromate in bread and pastries, which can give the gluten strength and elasticity necessary for baked food, and taste soft, but excessive consumption will damage the central nervous system, blood and kidneys.
  The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified it as a carcinogen.
  Drinking strong tea after drinking: Some people think that drinking tea after drinking can hangover. In fact, this is not only invalid, but also hurts the kidney.
Theophylline in tea can affect the kidneys quickly and exert diuretic effect. At this time, the alcohol is discharged from the kidneys before it is decomposed, so that the kidneys are stimulated by a large amount of ethanol, thereby impairing kidney function.
男人喝什么茶保肝护肾  饮食太咸:  饮食偏咸,尤其是某些零食盐分含量过高,例如吃炸薯片、方便面等会让人不知不觉吸收过量的盐分,导致血压升高,Kidney blood cannot maintain normal flow and induce kidney disease.
  Tip: The kidney is an important organ that secretes urine, excretes waste and poisons, and can regulate the electrolyte concentration of the human body and maintain the acid-base balance.
Impaired or progressive decline in renal function, renal excretion and regulation will also be reduced.
When kidney damage is severe, uremia can also occur and life is at risk.
Although kidney function gradually declines with age, some lifestyle habits or behaviors often become an important cause of impaired renal function.
In order to protect the kidneys, everyone must be alert to the following “injury to kidney” factors.

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