[How to eat baking soda?

】 _How to use_How to use

[How to eat baking soda?
】 _How to use_How to use

There are many medical treatments for baking soda. Baking soda can not only neutralize gastric acid and dissolve mucus, but also reduce the concentration of digestive juices, suppress acid, and increase appetite. For people with poor appetite, try baking soda.If the skin is bitten by mosquitoes, you can use baking soda and vinegar to wipe the skin. This will relieve itching and inflammation. In addition to these, baking soda can also be eaten. How to eat baking soda?

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Remove pesticide residues from fruits and vegetables. Wash fruits and vegetables with baking soda, which can effectively remove pesticide residues. Adding a little baking soda before hot vegetables can prevent the loss of chlorophyll, and the hot vegetables will not turn yellow or black.


To soften the food, add baking soda to make it softer.


Make food easy to digest fried onions for a long time, it will lose its original flavor, and fried for a short time, too fast, and cause softness.

If you use some baking soda for a while, it will become soft after being cooked, even fried, and it will be easy to digest after eating.


If you accidentally break the fish gall when removing the bitterness of the fish, just apply a bit of baking soda to the place where the bile has been contaminated, and then repeatedly wash with water to wash away the bitterness from the fish.


Make the fried batter leave a lot of stomata fried noodles with yellow croaker, prawns or pork ribs, and put a little baking soda in the flour batter, it tastes loose and crispy.

Because baking soda decomposes when heated, a large amount of carbon dioxide gas is generated, leaving many pores in the fried batter.


Preliminary freshness preservation Fresh fruits are susceptible to mildew and spoilage. This is mold, lactic acid bacteria and many spoilage bacteria.

Because they are afraid of living in an alkaline environment, as long as the fresh and undamaged moldy fruits are soaked in a 1 ‰ concentration of baking soda aqueous solution for 2 minutes, then they are removed to dry and packed in edible plastic bags.Save the predicted time as soon as possible.

Similarly, to preserve eggs or duck eggs, this method can also be used.


Make the food tender and taste good. Before frying the old beef, soak it in water with a small amount of baking soda, remove and dry it, and then sizing. The pork shreds will become tender after cooking. When frying the beef, cut the fresh beef into thin pieces.After shredding, put in a thin baking soda solution and stir it. The fried beef fiber is loose and tastes tender and fragrant.

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