[Cool salad fans]_Crystal fans_How to salad_How to salad

[Cool salad fans]_Crystal fans_How to salad_How to salad

Many fans of cold mixed crystals like to eat it, but any delicious and nutritious food may be worried about health and hygiene if you eat it for a long time, so you can learn about it by yourself and how to make it.

Method one, step 1.

Ingredients: Vermicelli carrot red oil garlic soy sauce rice vinegar salt sugar chicken essence 2.

Method: Wash the fans, put them in a boiling water pot, cook them for a long time, and remove them.

Cut the carrot into shreds, as thin as possible4.

Simmer in the pot 5.

Remove and drain the water over cool 6.

Peel garlic and mash into garlic, 7.

8. Use garlic puree, white sugar, rice, vinegar and salt chicken to prepare the juice 8.

Put the vermicelli and shredded carrots in a large bowl, add the prepared juice and mix well.

Add red oil and mix well. Method two, 1.

Shredded cucumber, shredded green pepper, shredded fungus, vermicelli.

The vermicelli and the fungus are cooked.

Pick up the fans and put them in a container of cool water for later use.


Put the prepared ingredients into a clean container, add salt, white vinegar, sesame oil, and chicken essence and mix well, and it is ready to eat.

Tips After cooking, fans must soak in cold water to prevent fans from sticking together.

Method three, 1.

Drizzle the fans with a moderate amount, put them into the rice cooker, and boil for 8 minutes after boiling.

After the fans are translucent and cooked, come out of the pot 3.

Put in sauerkraut and sour pepper bowl 4.

Stir well and you’re ready to eat5.

Began to eat

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