[Men and women are most vulnerable to infections]

[Men and women are most vulnerable to infections]

The structures of the male and female reproductive systems are different, and the issues to be concerned are different.

Therefore, regarding the health care of the private parts of men and women, different methods are needed to deal with it.

Women’s Article 1. Women’s private places are susceptible to bacterial infections and the proportion of men. Women’s reproductive organs, especially “shy”, are mostly hidden inside the body, so there are also special problems.

For example, a woman’s vaginal opening has two neighbors, the urethral opening and the anal opening. The stimulation of urine and feces makes it easier for bacteria to invade, which leads to vulvitis and vaginitis.

In fact, because of the female’s internal genitals, the abdominal cavity is in communication with the outside world, and bacteria can pass through the vagina and “invade” the uterus.


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