In the first quarter of the Autonomous Region Council, the RCEP Origin Certificate Eighteen Certificate involved 31.24 million yuan involved

  The reporter learned from the Autonomous Region Trade Promotion Association that in the first quarter, the Autonomous Region Trade Promotion Council issued 18 "Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement Agreement" (RCEP) originally originally originally produced region. The exporter was Japan, with a visa amount of RMB 31.24 million. Through the issuing RCEP item exports to the Japanese origin certificate, helping enterprises make full use of the preferential policies of bilateral tariffs reached by the RCEP agreement in China and Japan for the first time, and continuously enhance the international market development capabilities. Since the official implementation of RCEP from January 1 this year, the Council of the Autonomous Region Council has continued to carry out publicity and training. It has actively promoted the RCEP agreement tariff reduction and origin rules through "online+offline" to guide enterprises to fully enjoy the discounts.

  It is reported that the RCEP agreement preferential origin certificate is a key voucher for enterprises to enjoy preferential policies such as tariff reduction and convenience of customs clearance. The ECO electronic visa method is used to achieve the electronic and localization of the entire origin of the origin, declaration, review, and printing throughout the origin.

In the next step, the Autonomous Region Trade Promotion Council will make full use of the tariff reduction arrangement to provide consulting services such as tariff planning of RCEP member states for export enterprises in the region to help enterprises inquiry to confirm the preferential tariffs of export goods under the RCEP agreement, and realize that enterprises enjoy preferential tariffs to enjoy preferential tariffs. To maximize interests, it helps the high -quality development of foreign trade in the region. (Reporter Zhang Huiling) (Responsible editor: Zhang Xuedong, Liu Ze) Share more people see recommended reading.

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