The secret of skier Li Nina: from small to big in fattening

The secret of skier Li Nina: from small to big in fattening

The reporter interviewed Li Nina and claimed that she “has been increasing weight from small to large. For a skier, I am indeed a little thin!

When she said this, Li Nina smiled.

  The freestyle skiing aerial skill competition of the 11th National Games was the first time that the skiing project entered the National Games.

In doing so, the ski masters inside Li Nina are very excited.

“In order to facilitate the training, we entered the mountain a few days ago. During this time, we have been eating and living in the mountains.

Li Nina revealed that the little secret – fattening.

  At that time, the weight problem was first proposed by the media. From the beginning of the World Cup, Li Nina completed the action and scored zero points.

After the game, Ren Hongguo, deputy director of the Winter Transportation Center, said that Fengda is a cause. In addition, “our team members are also lightly weighted, and the wind blew!”

Li Nina said in a telephone interview with the reporter, “My weight has not changed much in half a month, but I will not give up my fattening plan. How can I let it pass?”

Like Li Nina and Han Xiaopeng, Li Nina also represented the Heilongjiang and Liaoning provincial teams in the National Games.

The key target, “Princess on Snow” put away a smile, “I am so good, can you take the gold medal only after the game is over!

“Not a “princess” low-key.

“Because domestic competitions are not the same as international competition rules.

The three-week players in the domestic competition have difficulty points, so that our two-week players will suffer more.

We can only get a gold medal if we do better and the opponent has a mistake.

In order to increase the competitiveness of domestic and international competitions, Li Nina has been secretly creating a difficulty for the past two years.

9 high difficulty action.

“This action was used in the Inner Mongolia National Championship last year, but it did not succeed.

Li Nina said, “There is more confidence in doing this than last year, but the National Games will not have to use the game again. The preliminaries will definitely not be used, and will definitely be finalized!”

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