His Promise Chopping Stone can be cut open,I hit the poisonous python,Can only knock down a few scales,Can’t help but bluff:“This snake body is harder than steel!”

Wuji Zhan can break the defense of the poisonous python at any time,Hitting the snake still makes it hurt。
The poisonous python entangles the mammoth,Inseparable,I turned my tongue over。
Big mouth,A faint of thick black gas floated out of the mouth immediately,For a while,The venom has not arrived,Chen Xiu was already dizzy for a while。
“What poison!
This is stronger than sulfuric acid!”
Chen Xiu jumped into the air,Look down,It turned out that the place where he stood was already scorched。
Chen Xiu came out with a tumble in the air,Fall on the ground,Trembling legs,When the big snake exhaled poisonous gas just now,Although not sprayed directly,Also closed his breath,But the poisonous gas still penetrates through the pores on the body,Only a short while,He felt the whole body’s qi running sluggish,All over,I can’t help but feel shocked。
“Grandma’s,Too poisonous,Must have a quick fight!
Otherwise you will be poisoned alive!”
Chen Xiu made up his mind,Lunge out,Rush into the belly of the snake,Real body leaps,Soft sword,A cold light swept out,I’m cutting to the waist of the snake。
Wuji Zhan is sent by transforming true energy into sword energy,Although the attack range is far,The power is definitely not comparable to the power of the physical gods under the blessing of true Qi。
Chen Xiu held the software against the snake belly for a while,Dozens of dollars in a row,To the last cut,A piece of snake scale fell down,Revealing the translucent belly of the snake,Even the bones in the belly of the snake are almost visible。
“Go to death!”

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