[Effects and consumption methods of peony seed oil]_How to eat_What effect

[Effects and consumption methods of peony seed oil]_How to eat_What effect

Peony seed oil, also known as dandan oil, is a vegetable oil extracted from peony seeds. It is a kind of edible oil unique to China. It is rich in nutrition and very unique. It can also exert a good medical effect.Known as the best vegetable oil in the world, it belongs to the treasures of vegetable oils. It has good effects in health care and can play a good role in beauty.

Health effects Peony seed oil is rich in unique and biologically active substances even when it is rich in nutrients. Alpha-linolenic acid is the most basic in the process of human life evolution. The core substance is the main element of synthetic cell membranes, which can be taken internally and externally.Activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis, reducing inflammation and sterilization, promoting cell regeneration, activating peripheral nerves, lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, and losing weight.

Topical application can be used for beauty and nourishment, eliminate pigmentation, reduce wrinkles, make skin smooth, smooth, and elastic.

Topical application is also effective for the treatment of oral ulcers, rhinitis, arthritis, and skin diseases (including acne, athlete’s foot, molting of hands and feet, blistering on fire, eczema, redness, itching, etc.).

The beauty value of peony seed oil is rich in VA, VE, nicotinic acid, carotene, and unsaturated fatty acids. It has excellent nutritional care for the skin, can significantly improve the circulation function of skin epidermal cells, and promote the microcirculation of skin capillaries., Inhibit the progress of oxidative peroxidation, improve metabolism, delay the skin aging process, have anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and whitening effects, smooth and easy skin after use, melasma, skin wrinkles, skin keratosclerosis peeling, skin wrinkles, dry skinThere are certain therapeutic effects.

Unlike herb oil, frying with peony seed starch, because of its antioxidant properties and high unsaturated fatty acid content, the chemical structure of peony seed oil remains stable at high temperatures.

When using ordinary cooking oil, when the oil temperature exceeds the smoke point, the chemical structure of the oil and a few will change to produce carcinogens.

The smoke point of peony seed oil is between 240-270 ° C, which is far beyond the smoke point value of other commonly used edible oils.

Therefore, peony seed oil can be used repeatedly without deterioration, and is the most suitable oil for frying.


Peony seed oil is also suitable for roasting, roasting, frying and boiling.

When cooking with peony seed oil, the food emits a seductive fragrance that is mouth watering.

It is especially recommended to use peony seed oil for fried rice or grilling.


The purpose of sauces and condiments with peony seed oil is to bring out the taste of the food, not to hide it.

Peony seed oil is the best fat ingredient for cold sauces and hot sauces. It can protect the color of fresh sauces.


Pickled with peony seed oil. Pickled with peony seed oil before cooking. It can increase the detail of the food, and can also add other spices to enrich the taste.


Direct use of peony seed oil Extra virgin peony seed oil When used directly, certain smaller features are maximized.

You can use peony seed oil like salt, because the extra virgin peony seed oil can enrich the taste and taste.

You can also add extra virgin peony seed oil to any small amount to balance higher acidity foods.

Such as lemon juice, wine vinegar, wine, tomatoes and so on.

It usually makes the various spices in the food more harmonious.

If you add some peony seed oil to the top of the condiment, you will find it tastes better.

Extra virgin peony seed oil can also make food more fragrant, smoother and more mellow.

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