Hunan Energy Supervision Office deployed a large inspection of power safety production inspections

  In order to implement the spirit of the National Safety Production Television Conference on March 31, according to the relevant deployment of the National Energy Administration and the Provincial Security Commission, the Hunan Energy Supervision Office organized the deployment of the province’s power safety production inspection mobilization and " Promoting video conferences for non -governance.

The Hunan Energy Regulatory Office’s responsible comrades presided over the meeting, and the main responsible comrades attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

  The meeting learned and conveyed the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the important instructions of Premier Li Keqiang, and the spirit of the National Safety Production Television Conference. Provincial power safety production inspections and "non -governance violations" work. The meeting pointed out that the power enterprises in the province still have problems such as unsure of security development concepts, failure to implement safety responsibilities, and dual prevention flow in different degrees. Overall the development and security, resolutely implement the hard measures of the "15", comprehensively implement the main responsibility of the enterprise, strictly implement the statutory safety responsibilities of the main person in charge of the enterprise, department and positions, build a standardized safety responsibility system for standards, and comprehensively implement various safety production. Ouse measures to create a good production safety atmosphere, effectively build a safe defense line to prevent accidents.

  The meeting requested that power companies in the province should act quickly, coordinate the tasks of production safety within the year, and conscientiously carry out self -inspection of enterprise, especially to check the weaknesses in risk identification and control and hidden dangers. Good results; regulatory agencies should increase supervision, adopt the practice of "dual random one open" and "four straight straight", carry out sampling inspections and supervision and inspection, urge the province’s electricity enterprises to carry out large -scale production safety inspections, and to use it to use it to use the inspection of production safety, and in order In order to coordinate the various key tasks of the safety inspection and promote the formation of good production safety situations.

  This major inspection of production safety has been launched in April 2022. It is divided into four stages of self -examination, spot checks, inspections, and summary. It is planned to be completed within 8 months. In the next step, the Hunan Regulatory Office will immediately organize the launch and launch of the major inspection and launch of electricity companies.

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