[Choose condoms as needed]_Condoms_How to choose_How to choose_What kinds

[Choose condoms as needed]_Condoms_How to choose_How to choose_What kinds

Hello, I was married last month and my husband had a happy intercourse, but we do n’t want to have a child so early, so we take contraceptive measures. According to other contraceptive methods, I think it ‘s safer to take a condom, andThere are many types of condoms, but the ones I see are all very ordinary ones. I want to know more about this and ask for recommendations.

1. Suitable for non-latex type: Appropriate condoms for those who are allergic to latex are made of natural latex, and some people will have allergic reactions after use.

Men will show flushing of the head of the penis, itching and tingling of ulcers, ulceration and erosion in severe cases; itching and burning sensation in vulva and vagina of women, hyperemia of vaginal mucosa, edema, excessive leucorrhea, etc.

According to statistics, 1-3 of every 100 men in the United States are allergic to latex.

For this part of the population, other methods of contraception have long been used.

However, recently, some merchants have launched non-latex condoms, which are no different from ordinary condoms in appearance, but the so-called unique molecular structure and the use of polyisoprene materials are unprecedentedly soft and approximate the intimacy of skin-to-skin contact.Traditional condoms are also suitable for foreign body sensations.

2. Fluorescent type is suitable for people: If you want to shine, fluorescent type condoms will emit faint light at night.

Someone described it this way: “It’s like a narrow alley under the night, a faint moonlight, guiding your happy direction.”

However, some professionals have pointed out that this type of condom uses phosphorous energy to generate light, and phosphorus or perfume are chemical substances, which may be allergens. If they directly contact women’s sexual organs, they will cause women to have vaginal inflammation and increase secretions.

Use with caution for people with allergies.

3. Suitable people with floating point or thread type: If you want to increase the stimulus of sexual life, from the surface processing of the condom body film, there are particle type and thread type.

Granular type is divided into large and small particles.

Thread type is also called ring pattern.

This processed condom can more or less stimulate the vaginal wall and improve the quality of sexual life.

Having sex for many years can reduce a person’s sexual sensitivity, especially for women.

These condoms with floating points or threads will increase friction when used, in theory, it can increase women’s pleasure.

However, it is not recommended for first-time users. Excessive friction stress causes some women to feel pain.

Some of the condoms introduced above are usually more common. In fact, condoms with contraceptives may cause contradictions to each other. Some people like condoms very much. This depends on personal preferences. You can try different styles in the futureI know that I may be more suitable for you, and finally I wish you a happy life.

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