Xitang Ink Jiangnan is leisurely and lonely

Xitang Ink Jiangnan is leisurely and lonely

I don’t know if someone else is small, will there be some kind of complex.

When I was a child, because I was obsessed with the misty and rainy Jiangnan water town, I narcissed it as my “Southern complex.”

I like to drink soup and love tea and sweets. When I go to the winter in the north, my hands and feet are chapped, and I am afraid of cold and cold.

  Mother always said, “You are used to being a flower in the greenhouse.

“I will retort,” is not, according to facts, my past life, must be a beautiful girl in the south of the Yangtze River.”

  My love for the South may have been obsessed with the legend of Xinbai Niangzi, perhaps the water town that once fascinated by the writings, but why is it difficult to verify it now.

Perhaps it is because of the distance, so it is beautiful, because I don’t understand, so I let my dreams in my four seasons dream of my own water town, spread out the map, in the vast south of China, I have always placed a little expectation.

  Regarding Xitang, even what I know may be the murder case in “My Youth Who is the Master”; even, we all think that Xitang is in Jiangsu Province, and almost set the GPS wrong place; even I have not done any Raiders preparation.And travel plans; even to Xitang, each of us was also sinisterly collected 100 yuan entry fee, but, because of my deep-rooted blind love, when carrying luggage, passed the high door and walked into XitangI saw the water and saw the room. I was still amazed by the trembling. I was moved to the indescribable, excited to the tide of tears.

  A river runs through the river, and every household lives in the water. The gloomy air is filled with the light smell of floating grass. The boats are coming and going, the voices are full, the food stalls are fragrant, and a small shop is closely separated. On the top of the head, the attic residents hang out.The clothes, crowded narrow alleys, the trunk of the suitcase rolled over the bluestone floor, making a loud slap sound. The town’s life in the town, like the ink paintings, was melodious and catering to my imagination.

  The old house of the big family in ancient times is now a tourist attraction symbolized by several categories. The small speakers of different tour guides make a loud and dry voice, one after another.

  The bricks and black tiles, the mottled white walls, the ancient and exquisite stone carvings in the courtyard are comparable to the Suzhou gardens. Although the plants are not prosperous but also full of fragrance, they are surrounded by climbing; the light in the house is dark, the old-fashioned furniture is covered with dull luster, and the wooden stairsNarrow and ruined, went upstairs, and the floor creaked.

  The dark brown doors and windows are purely wooden, pushing open the window and seeing the residents in the winding lanes.

  Several of us stayed overnight in the youth hostels in the deep lanes, all the way to eat all kinds of snacks, buy cloth fish and beg for peace, buy tie-dyed cloth bags and hats smug photos, at night cruise ship lanterns wish, listen to the barThe singer sang to drunken dreams. The short-lived encounter in Jiangnan Water Town, rich and full, did not stop, so did not waste a little time, I thought, from then on, I can finally let go of my southern complex, and finally can replace the fantasies of those who claim to be Jiangnan girls.
  But when I came back for so long, when I called out the photo processing of Xitang, I didn’t even know what style should be presented. Is it old and nostalgic?
In fact, Xitang is very modern; if the photo saturation is high and the color is bright, but it is obviously very uncoordinated, it has been entangled, so the process of modification has been very unsmooth.

  Zhang Ailing said: The drama of life is unhealthy.

People like us who grow up in urban culture always see the picture of the sea first, then see the sea; first read the love story, then know the love; our experience of life is often the second round, thus the artificial drama,Therefore, it is difficult to demarcate between the drama of life and life.

  In this way, I have been rehearsing for many years in the past when I met the southern water town. So I was faced with the ancient town of Xitang. My feelings and surprises became familiar and wonderful.

  At the end of the writing, this feeling of self is not convinced by myself, very frustrating.

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