Brought tea,The two of them sat down at the stone table,Gently drink the freshly brewed tea,I feel an unspeakable sense of comfort in my heart。

“Again,Since it’s out,Then live well,Live out。Zhao Longlong left such a place to you,Pretty worthy of you,You have to manage well,Let it return to its original prosperity”Xia Jian drinking tea,Whispered to Zhang Teng。
Zhang Teng touched his head,Took a breath and said:“Underestimated everything,I wanted to end my life like this。But Mr. Xia said just now,Let me see the hope of life”
“Nonsense,You are not young,What he said is not as good as an 80-year-old man。I come to see you,Just want everyone to join hands,Do another business in Bucheon”Xia Jian said sincerely。
Zhang Teng laughed and said:“Thank you Mr. Xia for your kindness,I am a person with stains,How can i join hands with you。You can give me a little work,I can promise you a good job,This is also a bite for me”
“You may not know,The venture group is over。Me too,Have to start all over again”Xia Jian said,Smile at Zhang Tengteng。Zhang Tengyi listen,His face changed immediately。
First2008chapter Mercilessly missing
When Zhang Teng heard Xia Jian say that the venture group is over,The expression on the face is infinite shock。I think it was Xia Jian who gave him and Zhao Longlong a bite of food,Of course it depends on the entrepreneurial group。
“Is this a little sudden?Venture Group is our big company in Bucheon,It’s over after you say it?”Zhang Teng can’t believe that this is true,It can be seen that he has a lot of resentment in his heart。
Xia Jian stood up,Looking at the bare tree trunk,Took a breath and said:“A company is the same as a person,When the energy is exhausted,Finish talking。It’s hard to save,But if you want to understand, that’s the same thing”
“Full moon must be missing,Nothing can reach the limit。Such as this startup group,In just a few years,Become a first-class enterprise in Bucheon,This is already a miracle。The wrong thing is that people have too much appetite,Eager for success,Bad thing”
Zhang Teng listened to a general,He doesn’t quite understand the meaning of Xia Jian’s words。Anyway, it sounds like,Xia Jian means that the entrepreneurial group can have today,Also inevitable。
“You speak!What should we do now?”Zhang Teng suddenly said something like this。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“What I want is your words。You just cheer up now,Do the business of Longquan Villa first,This is the root”
“I know a lot of friends,It shouldn’t be a big problem to make Longquan Villa。But when I think of Brother Long doing this to me,I really can’t let go,I don’t want to accept what he gave me”Zhang Teng finally said what he was saying。
Xia Jian turned around,Hehe smiled and said:“Brother Long treats you like this,He is unrighteous。I’m afraid he won’t be able to return to Longquan Villa in his life now,This is his punishment。What’s more, this Longquan Villa is also an industry created by the two of you,Not owned by him alone,You should think so”
Xia Jian’s two words made Zhang Teng’s frowning brows slowly stretched out。He took a breath and said:“People nowadays are very realistic,I come out,Can see among my friends,You are the third。Who do business with,Can’t hide”

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