Yu Shi got up and walked to the door,Open the door and have a look,Can’t help but startled,I really mean that Cao Cao is here,No one else came,It’s Cui Ronghao。

“My manager Cui,How did you come?”
“Your first day at work,I come and have a look,Cheer you up。how,Don’t you let me go in and sit??”Cui Ronghao glanced inside the door,Said with a smile。
“amount……Come in and sit。”Yu Shi didn’t expect him to come,Haven’t gotten over。
“I asked people where is your office,Went straight to the elevator upstairs,I guess the security guard at the door will soon follow。”Cui Ronghao is panting,He is free,Where will the security registration be made。
as expected,Within seconds,Knock on the door again,Yushi looks towards the door。
“Miss Han,very sorry,I’m dereliction of duty,This gentleman came in without registration。”See poetry,The security guard said respectfully。
“It’s ok,This gentleman is here to find me,It’s okay here,You go back!”
Listen to the poem,The security is relieved,Turned and left。
“My manager Cui,You are still the same,Entry without registration!I’ll talk to the security guard later,Let him remember your face,Let you come in and out at will。”Yu Shi sees him coming,Like seeing a loved one,Can’t help but smile。
“it is good,From now on, my face will be your passport!It’s convenient to see you。”Cui Ronghao’s gaze floats to the poetry,When he looked at her,Eyes with stars。
“You are so busy,Don’t need to see me often。it’s here,No one dares to bully me。”Yu Shi knows that Cui Ronghao is worried about her,Smiled and comforted。
“I do not know why either,you left,I always feel like I’m missing something。The meeting this morning was pushed,Not in the mood for anything。”Cui Ronghao doesn’t want to deny,He hopes to see the poems every day,Even if I only saw it in the company。
Cui Ronghao’s words are obviously ambiguous,Poetry is not stupid,Naturally able to hear the overtones,She avoids the importance:“I know you worry about me,I’m afraid I won’t adapt to the company here,But my mother,Uncle Liu will help me。And secretly tell you a little secret,My father taught me a lot when he was alive,I just lack actual combat experience。
“I’m relieved to hear you say that,But if you have anything, you must tell me as soon as possible,Trust me,There is no problem that I can’t solve!”Cui Ronghao looked down at Yushi,Put your hand gently on her shoulder,The concern is beyond words。
“I will。”Yushi raised his head,Smiled gratefully,These days,Her smile is reluctant,Laughing is more distressing than not smiling。
Zhang Wenya is about to find Yushi,I saw Cui Ronghao inside through the crack of the door,Did not go in。
She knows that her daughter and Zhao Haiyi broke up,This is exactly what she wants。Cui Ronghao Mature、steady、Handsome,Definitely the best candidate for son-in-law,Much better than Zhao Haiyi。Such a golden turtle,Hard to find with a lantern!
The two ate together near the company,Cui Ronghao left。

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