[Fish peacock practice Daquan]_ production method _ home practice

[Fish peacock practice Daquan]_ production method _ home practice

Fish Peacock This is an extremely beautiful fish. This fish is theoretically ornamental and cannot be eaten. If you want to eat fish or choose to eat fish, you can usually choose fish.Common grass carp, catfish and catfish, etc. These fish taste very delicious, and the nutritional value involved is also very rich. Do not choose a large number of fish with too much body shape.

Ingredients for making raw materials (various) Fish, tail, onion, ginger, wine, green and red pepper, raw soy sauce, vinegar, suet, vegetable oil, oyster oilAbout 500 grams, it is secondary to put it in a fish dish. The key is that the cooked heat is easier to grasp.

Step 2: Shaping the fish: After cleaning the fish, use a knife to cut the spine from the abdomen. This can prevent the fish from being deformed due to the shrinkage of the fish bone after steaming the fish.Oil and dip in a little white wine.

Step 3: Seasoning the fish: Stir a small amount of meat into a little soy sauce, sesame oil, salt, ginger, and shiitake mushrooms at the end of the fish belly, which will not only make the fish taste fresher, but also steam the fishy fish.

Step 4: Put the fish on the plate: take a large piece of ginger and green onion, cut into long and evenly arranged silk, spread it on the fish plate, put the fish on the plate, and then sprinkle some onion and ginger on the fish.Beautiful and even taste.

Step 5: The fish’s heat: The fire is the key to steaming the fish. Like many steamed vegetables, be sure to boil the water in the pot, then put the fish into the pot, and steam it off for 6 to 7 minutes.

Step 6: The virtual steaming of the fish: The so-called virtual steaming is to turn off the heat, do not open the lid, use the remaining temperature in the pot to steam for 5 to 8 minutes, and then bring out the pot. Pour the prepared soy sauce, vinegar and some kind of clear oil over.Just fish.

Production Tip 1.

If it is a slightly larger steamed fish, the steaming time can be extended for another 2 to 3 minutes. You can also place two chopsticks under the fish body to keep the fish off the bottom of the plate and allow the fish body to fully heat and quickly mature; you can also cook the fishStand up and steam, use the green onions at both ends to open the belly of the fish to make the fish stand stably. At the same time, draw a flower knife on each side of the fish body, and insert ginger slices in each slit. RememberSteamed.


If you want to make the fish’s flavor less jerky and softer, you can put soy sauce, vinegar and some clear oil in a small bowl and steam it with the fish. After the steaming, steam out with the fish.Just pour on the fish.


Steamed fish cooking is also a science, from the selection of fish to the ingredients, from the plate to the pan, from the heat to the virtual steam, every step has particular attention.

Of course, the taste can be adjusted according to your own preferences, but the heat and virtual steaming are the basic guarantees for the steamed fish to be “fresh”.

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