The turbidity of the Yellow Emperor’s internal conception

The turbidity of the Yellow Emperor’s internal conception

In the Chinese Medicine Classics “Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, clear and turbid is a frequently used term, which is almost a basic concept as cold and heat, qi and blood, and yin and yang. It is a “meta-concept” with very rich meaning.

However, in the past, it has not attracted enough attention. In the “Nei Jing”, turbidity is used to indicate different physiological phenomena. The book often uses this image to explain various causes and pathogenesis.
  用清浊表示生理物质的稀稠  《内经》说“浊气出于胃”

In the physiological state, the Qing people are camps, and the turbid people are Wei.
  The author of Neijing believes that the turbidity of blood can be tested experimentally, not theoretical speculation.
“Lingshu·Jingshui” said: “The eight-footed man, the flesh is here, can be measured and cut, and its death can be dissected and viewed.
“The size of the human body is five, the size of the six scorpions, how many water valleys are stored, and the length of the veins, the turbidity of the blood, the amount of gas, and even the ratio of blood and gas in each of the twelve meridians.Less, “all have large numbers”, can be detected by certain means.
The “blood turbidity” mentioned in the article is an academic language often used by the authors of Neijing.
  ”Su Wen·Five Disorders” said that Liu Yi was “received by the Five Tibetans and the qi, the name of the ancestral temple.”
The “water valley turbidity” in Liuyi is as muddy as the river under the mud, and is obviously different from the fine material stored in the five internal organs.
  Use turbidity to explain the yin and yang lifting of body fluids. “Su Wen yin and yang should be like a big theory” that “the cold air is turbid, the heat is clear.”
If the air is in the air and cannot rise, there will be diarrhea; if the turbidity is on the top, it will not fall, and there will be fullness.
This is because of the symptoms of “yang Sheng Yin Jiang” blocked.
Because under normal circumstances, “Qingyang is the sky, turbidity is the ground”, the human body corresponds to it, it should also be “clear yang out of the sputum, turbid yin out of the sputum; Qingyang sputum, turbid yin go five dirty; clearYang real limbs, turbidity and return to the six hexagrams.”
Here, the relationship between turbidity and yin and yang is explained, which explains the principle of “lifting in and out” during physiological metabolism.
  ”Lingshu yin and yang turbidity” discusses the turbidity of the gas, saying that “the turbid and clear, the upper out of the throat, clear and turbid, then down.”
It’s clear and turbid, and it’s a mess.
“There are “turbid and clear” and “clear and turbid”, which refers to the transformation between clear and turbid, and the conversion between yin and yang, the turbidity can also be mutually mutated, “there is turbidity in the clear, turbid in the clear”The two are not changing.”
  ”Su Wen, Yin Yang should be like a big theory” said “Qingyang” and “turbidity” in many places, while “Lingshu, Yin and Yang Qingzhu” said “yin and yang”, the two seem contradictory, but it is not.
The turbidity of the former is determined by the thinness and lifting of subtle substances, so it is said that “Qingyang turbidity”; the latter is divided according to the movement state of subtle substances, “yin and yang”, so “yinClear and turbid.”
The standards used are different and the concepts formed are different.
  用清浊说明病因病证的寒热  清浊的本意从水的清澈程度而来,由清淡、清净的基本含义,引申出清冷、清虚、清静、清贫等含义,由浑浊也可引申出浑厚、Turbidity is rolling, symbolizing endless power.
  ”Lingshu·Hundred Diseases Beginnings”: “The beginning of the husband’s illness is also in the wind and cold, hot and humid, and the mood is dirty when the mood is angry, the wind and rain are hurt, and the wetness is hurt.
The three parts of the gas are different.
“The “clear” in the text means cold and damp.
  ”Su Wen·To really want to talk about it”: “There are rumors, the water is turbid, all of them are hot; the waters of the diseases, clear and cold, are cold.
“This section of the “19th disease machine”, about the thin body fluid is cold, turbid thick body fluid is a hot discussion, has been guiding the clinical syndrome differentiation of Chinese medicine.
  ”Su Wen · Qi Shuo”: “The nose of the body, the turbidity does not stop.”
“The turbidity here” stands for hot snot.
  ”Nei Jing” said that the young pulse of the main “back pain, foot clear, headache.
“Fu Qing is cold feet.”
True heartache, suffocation, and syndromes of “hands and feet clear” refer to the coldness of hands and feet.
It is also cold and cold when there is kidney deficiency.
The patient with blood is “cleared out, first spit blood, four clear, dizzy, and always blood.”
The clear liquid is the spit clear water; the limbs are clear, it is the limbs cool.
  Use clear turbidity to illustrate the pathogenesis Turbidity is a property of the body’s fluid, in the pathological state can indicate the cause of the disease.
“Lingshu·Five chaos” said that when a person is sick, as long as “the turbidity is irrelevant, if it is, then it will be treated smoothly.”
“Clear and turbid, and go with each other, such a disease is easy to treat.If there is a clear air in the yin (lower), turbidity in the yang (top), “clear turbidity, chaos in the chest”, the patient will have severe chest tightness.

Because of the “cloudy coherence” syndrome, it may occur in many parts, such as heart, lung, gastrointestinal, limbs and head, so the syndrome caused by “cloudy coherence” is widespread.

  ”Su Wen·Wind Theory” said: “There is a sorrowful enthusiasm, and the anger is unclear, so the nose is broken and the skin is defeated, and the skin is festered.

“The article regards “unclear” as an important cause of leprosy.

“Nei Jing” believes that when the gas stays in the lower part, diarrhea will appear; the turbid gas will stay in the upper part, and it will not fall, and there will be a full-fledged disease certificate.

  When a person is sick, “the stomach is unclear,” he cannot deliver subtle substances.

When the turbidity slips in the stomach, it will be born in the stomach, also called “turbidity in the middle.”

  Different treatments for turbidity and turbidity are different. “Nei Jing” believes that acupuncture treatment must pay attention to the physical differences of serotonin, and also to distinguish the pathological turbidity caused by disease.

“Lingshu·Yinyang Qingzhuo” said: “The Qing Dynasty is slick, and the turbidity is suffocating.

Therefore, the yin yin, deep and left; thorny people, shallow and ill; those who are turbid and turbid, to adjust the number.

“Lingshu·Nine Needles and Twelve Originals” puts forward that when the turbidity is in the middle and the qi is in the lower, the needle is trapped in the evil spirits, the needle in the middle is turbid, and the needle is too deep, and the evil is anti-sinking.
“So we must master the scale of acupuncture.

  People who are usually strong and strong, it is easy to appear after the illness. “Heavily qi stagnation and blood turbidity, stab the person, deep and stay, and benefit more; Jin is slippery serum, stab this, shallow and sick.

“Why is this happening?”

Zhai Bo explained: “The serum is turbid, and the diarrhea is exhausted”; “Blood qi stagnation, diarrhea can be passed.”

“It shows that the sputum of the gas is different, and the method of replenishing the acupuncture is different.

  During acupuncture treatment, some patients “have less black and turbid blood”, and some “blood is clear and half is juice”.

Need a doctor to observe carefully, in order to be correct.

Patients with stagnant stagnation should “slow their blood, and turbidity is avoided.”

“The “turbidity” in it is “stagnation”.

  ”Lingshu·Jingjin” said: “When the injury is caused by heat, it is not acceptable, and the treatment is in the clear water and yin.” Qingyin is the heat of the Qingyin Department.

Later generations listed the “Qing Fa” as one of the eight methods, clearing the lungs and relieving cough, clearing the head and clearing the eyes, clearing the liver and purging the fire, clearing the heart and soothe the nerves, clearing away heat and detoxification, clearing away heat and dampness, etc., and clinical application is very common.

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