Bijieu: Forest industry drives green development engine

Whenever the chicken under the forest.

Yang Yingjing, 2021, Since 2021, Nazawa County has vigorously developed forest economy, using forest land area of 10,000 mu, producing value billion yuan, including millions of forests underwater planting, forest cultivation and processing, forest products,Forest landscape utilizes 10,000 acres of forest land.

The forest economy industry covers 256 villages (communities, work areas) in 27 towns and two state-owned forest farms (communities, work areas), and the per capita income is 1350 yuan."Next, the economy underneath under Natun is mainly circulating forest bacteria, forest medicine and forest poultry, forest brothers, belonging to cycle development, Lin Poultry is also developed on this, three forests under the economic developmentOk, it is possible to realize reasonable development of Lin Brigade, so the whole forest will be able to live. "Chen Gang, deputy director of the county forest economy office.

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